Monday, October 25, 2010

Happiness 1

'Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared' - Buddha

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 / Health is Wealth

Maybe not 10.10.10 anymore. It's past midnite. It doesn't matter.

It's my parents' anniversary today. Hope their marriage will last till forever. I am blessed with such lovely parents. Me, their one and only product of their marriage :)

My health hasn't been cool lately. Externally, recovery progress is pretty much slower but there's at least some positive signs of recovery. Last week, had to fall victim to tonsilitis. Couldn't even swallow my own saliva. Hurts so badly that I had to cut back on swallowing, and therefore eating...Lost 6kgs! Didn't want to see the doc. Wanted to tough it out. Thought it was just normal sore throat, but at one point pain was too unbearable that I decided to see the doc. A really good fren pursuing a medical degree did mention that I might have tonsilitis. Well, I became a smart ass and chose to tough it out coz I thought it was just plain sore throat. Anyway, it's recovering and I am feeling great once more!

Takes me forever to gain weight and just few days to lose 6kgs. Life's unfair isn't it girls? =)

Oh yea, supposed to start work on 5 Oct, last Monday. But no, deferred it till early next year, hopefully if i do get back into shape. Was a lil disappointed on Sunday nite that I couldn't start working...Another 3 months going down the drain. Time is a valuable commodity especially when you are at a crucial learning stage. BUT- Health is priority!! No health, no wealth. Always keep that in mind, all my dear frens!! Fortunately enough for me, the longevity genes (if that's what it's called) runs in my blood as observed in my paternal side. I really, really hope I do have those genes. So, 3 months isn't too much of a waste :) On the bright side, I have been reading a lot and picking up knowledge that I have learnt previously but now have forgotten all....

Nothing special going on in my life as usual besides my sudden addiction to bossa nova music. SERGIO MENDES!!!

Is my life that boring or is it because I treat everyday as the most beautiful day of my life?

Chows with love,


Monday, September 27, 2010

It 0223. How do I learn to sleep early?

And in 5 hours the sun will rise.

It's hard for me to fall asleep lately. I wake up several times every nite to.. I don't even noe.

Something's bugging me. God noes what..But it's definitely not boogeyman under my bed.

Guess it must be my boredom. I have locked myself in for the past 3 weeks. It's starting to have an effect on me.. =s And having you on my mind most of the time, it's starting to affect me as well.

Mind needs rest, even if body doesn't want it.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

A post specially for you: Vincent Liew Ah Kiok

Dear Vincent Liew Ah Kiok,

I hope you feel grateful and very appreciated. After such a long absence, I reviving this place by dedicating an entire post to you. Here it goes;

I hate you.

You aren't my best fren.

You aren't going to be my bestman.

You ruined my life. Always.

Take care.



1.5 years onwards

This place has been dead for more than a year. It's hard to get my fingers to update things around here.

At least, there's something here now.

1.5 years+ from my previous post. Seemed like a long time. But time is somehow flying faster and faster and faster.. Still the same old person. Few years older. Damn, i am getting old..

I am now finally back in Malaysia- for good. Love it being so close to my parents. With a bachelor degree in my hands. 3yrs spent in Warwick. Amazing time. Love the place, though it's pretty much a dead place sometimes. Love the people. From every single corner of the world, people I met. I am missing UK now.

Got a job. Working for CIMB Investment (hopefully). Due to my damn skin, I got to defer my job- that if CIMB allows me to. Otherwise, I will be fired even before I start working. I have eczema. Got aggravated by steroids, which suppose to actually help. Instead, steroids treats the symptoms, not the root of the problem... Western skin treatment is flawed big time. Undergoing traditional chinese medication now. That chinese doctor (yes, he is a qualified traditional doctor) has an excellent record in treating sickness like mine. I will have sexy skin soon. So smooth that even an ant will slip.

As for love, I am single. After 5+ years, the relationship fell apart. Thought of getting engage. Phew, thankfully relationship broke down. Single for nearly a year. Despite being single, my love life is pretty much messed up still. Now I know how it feels being unloved by the one u love most. Always thought I will get anything I want in life (yes, symptoms of an only child but I am not spoilt). Always thought I will make a difference in that person's life. Got downgraded to the same status as the rest. Guess I am just as bad as the rest.

And I haven't been to an Iron Maiden concert...yet

Basically that's about it in this 1.5 years. Broke up, graduated, got employed, and fell sick now.

Life is still beautiful! At least I have food on the table :)

Again, I will try to keep this place active.

With love,


Monday, April 27, 2009

What is a 'Share'? What is a 'Bond'?

Warning: Keep in mind, this discussion is insufficient and its not in depth to provide a clear, decision-making process in investing in bonds and stocks. It is merely a discussion on the general characteristics of bonds and stocks.

*I can't be bothered to highlight important words..just for this article..sorry readers..

Hello fellow 'potential investors', 

I should have started with this article in my 'Lessons in Value Investing' as it discusses the differences in share and bond. Anyhow, I do not plan to have a structure in my lessons. But it was a bad start..

Today's discussion is rather straightforward and simple. At this time, I am not mentally prepared to discuss on critical issues...Exam season..

Let's begin!

Many of you (all I hope) knows what is a Share. It is also referred as ordinary shares, common stocks, or stocks By purchasing a share, you are buying a partial ownership in a company. You own a piece of it. You are entitled to its earnings, assets, liabilities etc. Say, Company X issued 100 shares. I bought 10 shares - I own 10% of the company. However, I am not entitled to effective control of the company's resources. In another words, although I own 10%, I can't sell 10% of the company's asset and pocket it or take 10% of the company's cash and spend it. This issue is known as the separation of ownership and management which, isn't our topic of our discussion.

By having a partial ownership in a company, you are able to vote during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) - selecting directors, approving certain company policies etc. Also, why people buy shares because they are entitled to dividends. However, the company is not obliged to payout any dividends. Of course, shares are purchased to earn capital gains as well. You buy $10 today and hope to sell it for more sometime in the future.

Being a shareholder is not all that good. Before a company makes any payout to its shareholders, it has many other obligations that has to be settled. Firstly, if a company has loans/debts, it has to pay the interests and capital repayments before distributing dividends to its shareholders. In a worse case when a company is about to go bust, the creditors have prior claim to all of the company's assets to settle the obligations by the company. Residual assets after all obligations are settled, if any, will then only be distributed to shareholders. In simple words, when a company is in an adverse financial position, shareholders are the last in line for any claims.

Moving on, what are Bonds? Bonds is a form of debt/loan. Instead of the company obtaining debt or financing from a bank, it issues bonds directly to raise money. Company A needs $100 and issues bonds with par value of $1.00 and coupon of 5% annually for 5 years and redeemable at the end. With a par value (or face value) of $1.00, this means there are 100 bonds issued. 5% simply means the interest rate the company has to pay as the costs of bond financing. The company pays 5% of the face value annually to its bondholders or 5cents a bond for 5 years and at the end of 5th year, you will receive your final interests and also your principal value of $1.00 invested initially. 'Redeemable' option is just one of the few examples what a company can do at the end of the bond's life. Other options are converting it to ordinary shares or a combination of both redeemable and convertible feature.

One can see that bond to investors is like a savings account. I put my money into the bank (I buy the bond), and I receive interest from the bank for keeping it there ( I receive interest from the company as a return for using my money). Bond is more interesting than that. On the surface, it looks the same. What is left out from the picture is there are risks inherent when investing in bond and also, you can earn capital gains from it.

Risks in this case refers to the financial position of the company or the company's operating environment. A financially distressed company will have difficulty in meeting obligations and therefore will have a hard time paying you interests. Worse still, you might not be able to recover your principal. A cash-rich company is seen as low-risk as they have sufficient funds to meet obligations. Credit Rating Agencies are institutions responsible for rating the credit/risk position of companies having debt/bonds/loans in their capital structure. Perhaps you might have heard of few of these institutions - Moody's, Fitch etc. 

If a company is in an adverse position, its bond price will fall below its face value. Bonds are like stocks. You can trade it (sell and buy) so you are not lock into it until its maturity. Note that bonds do not usually trade at its face value. A distressed company will find its bond trading below par value. Bonds worth investing, with high credit rating is known as 'Investment Grade' bonds. Bonds by distressed companies are known simply as 'distressed' bonds or 'junk' bonds.

When a price of a bond fall, will it be a good decision to invest in it? Again, it is a case-by-case basis. You only invest when you know the probabilities and certainty of the outcome and the situation. A market will undervalue solid bonds for no apparent reasons. When its price falls, your interest yield is higher. 5cents interest on par value translates into 5% yield. What if the bond trades at 80cents instead of its face value of $1.00? In this case, you yield 6.25%! But if it trades higher than its face value, then your yield will fall.

If you buy lower today, and the company manage to survive to redeem the bond, you will earn capital gains. You buy at 80cents and at maturity, the company will pay you back $1.00. Effectively, you earn capital gains and also higher yield. However, always compare your return to time-value of money. 

For a better discussion on bonds, check out the link below.

The above article was contributed by the Funds Management Division of Aminvestment Bank Group.

That's all for now folks. 



Friday, April 17, 2009

Of Dinner and Pablo Escobar..

Ni Hao,

Everyone, pls give Aaron a big clap - yet another quick update in record breaking time =)

Going to talk about something least to me it is.....

I cooked today.!!!! hell yea!!!!!...Just realised I havent cooked for like the past 1-2months..cook as in dishes with rice..all this while i ve been surving on chips (fries for malaysians to call it, chips for british people) and pasta and pizza and eating out lots..alrite..tat s all..nothing much..Interesting huh........

Another thing i ve been up to is reading on Pablo Escobar. Not sure who he is? The world's most big time criminal..Columbian druglord and philanthropist.....he flooded America with coke..go google him.. Apparently, he was ranked one of Top 10 richest in the world by Forbes.. yeaps..Forbes the business magazine..The book is called 'Escobar' authored by his brother and 'business partner', Roberto shows how a unexpected normal kid turned into such a big timer..damn..anything can this point..i fear that an innocent, shy, gullible person like me will turn into something along the lines of a crime lord, wheeler dealer etc... ;) kakaka..

I m so lazy to update my 'I Want..' so many things on that list... and investing topics...
Anyway, enough now...going back to reading ESCOBAR..

Btw... how can i be LOST? When I got nowhere to go..... you are rite din occur to me until u mention it..haha..oh rub it in..they din perform this song during the Nottingham concert...wat a waste..but at least they played other songs.. kakakaka...

OH YEA!!!!! IRON MAIDEN FLIGHT 666 -(dun worry about the s just the flight number of Iron Maiden's private jet.. it coincides with their famous hit song 'Number of The Beast'. There are misconceptions that this song was composed to worship s not...DAMN IT, READ THE LYRICS BEFORE COMING TO THIS CONCLUSION...) a documentary on Iron Maiden's historical Somewhere Back In Time Tour!!! Worldwide release next Tuesday and I am watching it! It is airing for one night only! 

Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden's vocalist is the pilot of Ed Force One (the name of their plane. Eddie is Iron Maiden's mascot. Fits well huh? ). This dude is quite pro in fencing and hell...has his one bloody tank....though without ammo...haha..interesting....hmmm...haha..How often do u find such a cool rock band besides Metallica and few's GLAM ROCK nowadays.. just fame and one hit wonder....Rock bands today are PURE SHIT... offensive statement? Well, just stating the truth..To be honest..i do listen to modern rock...a lil..but none is good enough to sustain your interest to listen to it for more than the 5th or 6th consecutive gets dry..boring..typical sounding..minimalist..and when is the next u find it interesting? Say few months later..unlike old skol rock...when do u get bored listening to one track? erm..say..20th to be the least? Old Skol Rock!!!!

oh crap...din realise i suppose to sign off quite a while ago..anyway,...chows my frens!


xoxo 'Gossip GirL'

 hahahahah....damn...i watch Gossip Girl nowadays........thanks to Gan Leong...and few other guys ironically....

Got to bounce now! Chows! Chows! Chows!

'Be proud of your name no matter how gay it sounds..' - Aaron.Hee.Wy